The Bechdel Show

 Inspired by the Bechdel Test, The Bechdel Show is a sketch comedy that encourages the audience to rethink gender and sexuality representations and norms while making them howl with laughter!

The Bechdel Show at Bryant Lake Bowl  (July 2017)
photos by Anna Sibenaller

Originally created for the University of Minnesota One Acts Festival in spring of 2016, The Bechdel Show was revived for a 6 show run at Bryant Lake Bowl in the summer of 2017. 

In both iterations, The Bechdel Show focused heavily on collaboration. Cast members wrote and edited sketches together about topics they felt were important.


The Bechdel Show at the University of Minnesota One Acts Festival (May 2016) filmed by Ryan Gilman

The Bechdel Show 2016 Cast

The Bechdel Show 2017 Cast

Austen Fisher
Caleigh Rose Gumbiner
Lily Noonan
Henry Ellen Sansone
Anna Pladson
Seth Campbell
Rachel Chevremont

Klevis Deva
Ayana Ito
Rory Mitchell
Lily Noonan
Johanna Schmidt
Anna Sibenaller
Elissa Wiener