Punk Rock Sock

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Fun and upbeat with a tinge of drama, Punk Rock Sock teaches us all, that no matter your knit, pattern, or purpose, anyone can be a Punk. 

It all started when a young sock Had A Dream...

To be accepted, to be in a punk band, to express who they really were despite what other socks may think. These socks know what it truly means to be punk and they are here to sing and teach you all about it. 

Punk Rock Sock was a sock puppet show and mini concert that toured to different Minneapolis garages in the fall of 2017. The show featured live covers of iconic pop punk tunes, rewritten by the ensemble with laundry and sock lyrics. Family friendly, feel good, and free, Punk Rock Sock was a heart-warming evening of theatre. 

The Ensemble

The Show

Band Members:
Joan Foot-Sweat on Vocals
Ankle Lavigne on Lead Guitar
Billie Toe Armstrong on Drums
Jeff on Bass

Set List:
Sk8r Sock
Mr. Light Load
Wake Me Up When Socktember Ends
Gives You Lint


Rachel Chevremont as Joan Foot-Sweat
Beth Ann Powers as Billie Toe Armstrong
and Ankle Lavigne
Erika Bloomdahl as Jeff
Seth Campbell as Gordon Wings and Washington Andrew Dryfus
Erin Cargill as Terry

Rachel Chevremont on Vocals
Zach Holmquist on Lead Guitar
Erin Cargill on Drums
Zak Filler on Bass