All of Slap Happy Studios' work is made collaboratively. This means that all artists involved are given a voice and all ideas are treated with equal respect and consideration. We seek to make the spaces in which we work safe and inclusive in order to facilitate an environment where this is possible.


To us, play is a necessity when making and presenting our work. We always welcome comedy and joy in the productions we create, even if the topics we are addressing are serious in nature. In the rehearsal room, this looks like constantly encouraging exploration and experimentation in everything we do.


At the core of all of our work is the common theme of identity. We strive to honor everyone's personal journeys and experiences and seek to create art that both stems from and celebrates them. 


The health and wellbeing of everyone who comes in contact with our work is a top priority for us. This includes both the artists who we work with as well as the audience who sees our work. This means prioritizing everyone's personal needs in the rehearsal room and insisting on an environment of respect and mutual care of one another. We strive to be clear about all content warnings for productions and honor the needs of our audience as much as we do our artists.


We seek to make work that is hopeful and encouraging. We strive to create platforms for underrepresented stories and voices. We hope that our work provides strength and support for all those who interact with it.


Our work seeks to bridge the gap between artist and audience. We do this by breaking down the fourth wall and making productions that both acknowledge and interact with those who attend them. Through our work we look to facilitate discussions and encourage community amongst all who interact with our work.