Slap Happy Studios is a Twins Cities based production company created in 2015 by Erika Bloomdahl, Erin Cargill, and Beth Ann Powers. We are a group of artists who make work through a collaborative process in which all ideas brought to the table are valued and considered as important contributions. The form and style of our work may vary greatly, however it always includes the core elements of collaboration, playfulness, audience connection, and conversations about identity and the world around us, which we believe are vital in our artist practice.

The Slap Happy performers enact a series of scenarios that will resonate with anyone who’s ever borne the brunt of a double standard, and will open the eyes of those who haven’t.
— Jay Gabler in Arts & Leisure for City Pages

What We've Achieved

To date, we have worked as a team on five projects:

  •  The 2015 Youtube-based web series Love In Idleness--an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • The first iteration of The Bechdel Show, co-written and created with our team of actors for the University of Minnesota 2016 One Act Festival.
  • The Bechdel Show remount at Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater, Summer 2017. 
  • Punk Rock Sock, a punk rock sock puppet show perfromed in October and November 2017.
  • Vibrant Voices, a poetry and storytelling event hosted in December 2017. 

    We are extremely passionate about the creation of new work and are constantly striving to produce better and more engaging projects as we continue to develop as a group.
You can see more about our past projects by checking out the Projects page.