2 Fast 2 Shakespeare: How fast do you like it?

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Have you ever seen Shakespeare before and thought, I wish this was faster….and that I was drunk? Well, you're in luck! 2 Fast 2 Shakespeare is just that: fast and drunk. We’ve got drinking games for the audience and drunk actors performing Romeo and Juliet in just 1 hour. This is not your 9th grade English class’s Shakespeare, this is Willy Shakes as he was intended to be!

2 Fast 2 Shakespeare will be performed at Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater on April 5th and 6th.

Doors at 9:30pm performance at 10pm. Come early and grab a drink before the show.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale from $10-$18. Get your tickets here! You can also purchase tickets over the phone by calling (612) 825-8949. Make sure to RSVP to our Facebook event.

Cast & Crew

Lily Noonan as Romeo

Amy Trunt as Juliet/Gregory

Katie Knepler as Friar Lawrence/Sampson

Sam Bates Norum as Mercutio/Capulet/Abram

Zach Holmquist as Tybalt/Paris/Apothecary

Bradley Prom as Benvolio/Balthasar/Watch

Seth Campbell as Prince/Lady Capulet/Friar John

Piper Quinn as Nurse/Montague

Rachel Chevremont as the Chorus/Game Master

Director: Beth Ann Powers

Production Manager: Erin Cargill

Marketing & Communications Team: Erika Bloomdahl & Rachel Chevremont

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