2 Fast 2 Shakespeare: New Model Original Parts

Have you ever seen Shakespeare before and thought, I wish this was faster….and that I was drunk…and that it was spooky? Well, this show will be your dream come true! In this special Halloween Edition of 2 Fast 2 Shakespeare, we will tackle Shakespeare’s spoOOooOOookiest play…Macbeth! You may have seen our first iteration of the show, 2 Fast 2 Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, but now we’re back and spookier than ever. We’ve got drinking game for the cast and audience, and just 1 hour to perform the whole dang thing. So strap in ghosts and ghouls!


2 Spooky 2 Shakespeare will be performed at Bryant Lake Bowl and Theater on October 19th and 26th, and November 2nd. Doors will open at 9;30pm with a 10pm start time. Come early to grab some food and drinks before the show.

Get your tickets HERE! You can also purchase tickets in person, or by calling (612) 825-8949.

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It don’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning’s winning.
— Dom Toretto...and probably Lady Macbeth

Meet the Cast and Crew

Sam Bates Norum as Macbeth

Madeleine Farley as Witch 3, Murderer 1, Lady Macduff, Seyton

CR Gumbiner as Gamemaster

Zach Holmquist as Lennox/Fleance/Menteith, Siward Jr, Captain, Porter, Apparition 3

Katie Knepler as Banquo, Siward, Macduff Jr, Lord, Apparition 2

Michelle Mullowney as Malcom, Witch 1, Murderer 2

Lily Noonan as Macduff, Witch 2, Duncan, Messenger

Aaron Telander as Ross, Murderer 3, Caithness, Servant, Apparition 1

Amy Trunt as Lady Macbeth, Angus, Soldier

Director: Beth Ann Powers

Production Manager: Erin Cargill

Sound: Ben Pierce

Marketing & Communications Team: Erika Bloomdahl & Rachel Chevremont