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What happens when a small town meets a big foot?

Footprints tells the story of a small town in the Pacific Northwest and a tragedy that unfolds when its past is questioned. As a young reporter forces the town's residents to look into their own hearts and minds, there are dire consequences--lives are lost and long kept secrets are revealed.


all photos by Jenny Reierson-Naumann


Footprints was a short one act comedic play created collaboratively through a process of devising and group writing in the fall of 2018. It was heavily inspired by Camp, B Horror Movies, Twin Peaks, Scooby Doo, Gravity Falls and many other classic mysteries.

Footprints Production Team

Director: Beth Ann Powers
Stage Manager: Erin Cargill
Marketing and Communications: Erika Bloomdahl and Rachel Chevremont
Puppetry and Props Design: Andrew Dyrud

with special thanks to:

Kellie Cameron, Beth Margolis-Brooks, Jenny Reierson-Naumann and Caleigh Gumbiner


Footprints Cast & collaborators

Rachel Cheremont
Katherine Fredrikson
Haley Haupt
Katie Knepler
Nick Manthe
Lily Noonan
Amy Trunt
Estefan Silva